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We specialize in equity release. Our main focus and objective is to make sure that you have a complete understanding of the concept of equity release, that you understand the pros and the cons, that you understand the impact that it can have on your life and that you can make a proper comparison of the different providers and their plans so that you can choose the plan that best suits your needs.

We pride ourselves in our approach towards you. It is our pleasure to get to know you and to obtain a proper understanding of your personal circumstances so that we can recommend the best plan to meet your needs. Based on your needs, we research the entire equity release market, comparing providers and plans so that we can recommend the best.

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The best possible independent equity release advice available on the market! Peace of mind knowing that your retirement future is financially secured! Exclusive deals and lower rates that you will not find elsewhere!

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We offer a number of equity release calculators that will help you to find out quickly and easily how much money you could release out of your property. Using our calculators, you will not only find out how much you can release but also if you are eligible for equity release and what your repayment will be. Please note that our calculators only provide estimated figures. None of the amounts that are calculate are guaranteed amounts. You would need to get into contact with one of our equity release advisors if you would like to have further explanation on the amounts calculated and if you would like to know how accurate they are.

Eligibility Calculator

With this calculator, you can find out the maximum loan that you could be eligible for. Please note that this amount is dependent on your age and the property of your property.

Estimate Loan Balance Calculator

This calculator will give you an estimate of the amount that you could own in the future. This amount is dependent on the amount borrowed, the term and the interest rate.

Compare Equity Release Providers

We offer advice and guidance on a number of equity release schemes; however, the lifetime mortgage is one of the most recommended equity release schemes because it allows you to obtain a loan by securing it against your property. You maintain 100% ownership of your property and do not need to make any repayments of the loan or interest. When you die or move into a long term care facility, your property will be sold to repay the loan and interest amounts. We work with a number of equity release providers who offer the lifetime mortgage scheme. We allow you to compare the deals being offered by these providers. Contact us using our online contact for to discuss the one that you feel may be best suited to your needs. We are available to answer any questions that you may have to and to clear up any confusion that you may have. 



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Since the first time that we were introduce to Equity Release Web Calculators, we have been more than impressed with their customer service and the manner in which they look after the equity release needs of their clients. The calculators are very simple to use.
By By Tia D. Peter

My wife and I were unsure about opting for an equity release scheme because we did not have any indication of how much money we could release and how we could have used that money but thanks to these guys, it became clear to us and now we are enjoying the benefits of the cash released.
By Richard G. Locker

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